Budget for the Honeymoon!

When he/she popped the question and that ring is on, we enter this realm of wedding frenzy. Everything MUST be found and booked the next day. We write lists of 16 different items required for the wedding that must be completed immediately. THAT DRESS! Where am I going to find it, what suits me, has to fit the venue, OMG what venue, where, the weather, what month? Then comes all the other requirements that goes into that BIG day!

When we list everything that is needed, most couples tend to miss out on the biggest, and best part of the Wedding -The Honeymoon! It is sometimes not budgeted into the list or when the list is written, it is at the end and already your budget is spent, so we write '$1000 and worry about it later. "the money we get in the cardbox will go to it"

I hear so many say.

However, Honeymoons need to be planned and paid. Getting great deals on flights and accommodation can be frustrating to find. You also need to work out if you are going to take the Honeymoon immediately after the Wedding or leave it for when you can take time off again from work.

Honeymoons need to be realistic. Budgeting needs to be realistic like your wedding. The cake you thought that you budgeted would be $500, turns out to be $1000.

Do some research on what you want out of a honeymoon. Do you both want to relax in luxury on a beach, visit wanderlust places that are unique to explore or are you adventure junkies that want to jump on everything and go fast! We have had clients book Oktoberfest has their Honeymoon destination, because they were beer lovers!

However, these types of honeymoons need to be budgeted, planned and booked in advance. We want to always wait for the DEAL to get it cheaper, but sometimes, that deal wont come. The flights keep going up and I hear the words 'should have booked it when I saw it months ago.'

When setting out your Wedding spreadsheet, add your Honeymoon first with a minimum budget of $5000 (we all want at least 10 days with our New Forever Friend).

Have the discussion about where and what you would like to do, when can you go, how long you want to go away, and research for packages and match with flight deals.

Remember, budgeting for your Honeymoon and booking it beforehand is one less item to worry about when you're over budget with one month out to the Wedding. You always will recoup your spend from the "gifts" your guests present to you on the day.

You can fly away - stress free - money in the pocket- time for some fun, relaxation or adventure with your loved one - As a marriage should always be!

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