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Forever Smiling Koh Samui

Part II TAT Amazing Thailand - Romance Trade Meet Feb 2017

The sun was about to pop up and greet us to say "smile, I'm back" as we entered the bus at 6:00am to head towards the Airport. I could see the Thai people already set up with their little stalls and bike stands, steam & flavours coming from hot pots, ready to serve for breakfast.

Our 7:30am flight with Bangkok Air from Bangkok to the Island of Koh Samui was shorter than my conversations and the view of dotted islands out the window generated a warm smile of anticipation.

We were at Koh Samui.

The Land of Smiles!

( one hour flight only)

We were welcomed by our hosts and ushered to an awaiting private yacht" named so appropriately "dreamcatcher".

We sailed the varying blue seas, heading to the Island of Koh Phangan, with no motor on, we cruised calmly, letting the warm waters flicker up under the trampoline netting to cool you down, lying in the sun. OK, after a while, some people got sick, majority, well everyone except myself and the two crew. Obviously they are land lovers! Had the yacht to myself - Heaven!

As we came into Cocohut Resort on Koh Phangan just around the corner from where they have full moon parties, the calmness of the island and sheer natural beauty is overwhelming. Postcard Perfect!

The waters were warm and the palm trees are appointed perfectly on the beach, ready to have hammocks, shade and a must have SWING!

With a walk around the resort, we were delighted with the beach front villas, some in front of the pool, others with their own pool. The view and beach was perfect, the sand soft under foot and the Bar & Spa not more than 20 steps away. What more could you want!

A lot of couples enjoying the sun and water, perfect Honeymoon Destination!

We had a swim & complained to our TAT rep Nang that we did not want go and we refused to leave the ocean's warm water. We were only coaxed out of the water by the promise of Thai food at the finest Resort Restaurant in Koh Samui.

Heading back to Koh Samui, motor running (because of sleeping people inside) I sat at the front of the yacht, by myself and captain jack sparrow navigating, yes, he did look like him.

I felt the cooling breeze, smelt the salt air and witnessed natural beauty in all its glory. I saw some dolphins, or big flying fish, either way, they were playing in the warm waters, enjoying the day.

We arrived at the Glorious, highly traditional and luxe Resort Nora Buri Resort in Chaweng Beach. The detailed entrance lounge was WOW and our traditional Coconut drink was cool and waiting with our aromic lei made of orchids. Purple seems to be a reoccurring colour in Thailand.

We were taken down to the beach area where the sister resort is also located called "Nora Beach Resort" and we were treated to the most incredibly well presented, delicious Thai food that I have ever seen. I personally believe we had everything on that menu sitting on the table infront of us. Seafood from every crustacean to well presented gourmet extravaganzas culminating into a feast for the Gods! Yes, I was in Heaven.